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Dated: July 10 2021

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Whether you've chosen to hire a professional to market and sell your property or you've decided to go it alone, prepping your home for your upcoming sale is paramount to attracting buyers and handsome offers.

Everyone knows that homes are meant to be lived in, and though we purchase attractive furnishings and decor, ultimately, those items get used, tossed around, and rearranged for convenience. Our homes are not museums. 


When you place your home on the market, you're not demonstrating how well you can live in your home but rather how inviting, comforting, and beautiful it can be at its best for another person(s). 

In order to WOW the buyer pool, you'll want to declutter/depersonalize, clean, and stage your home for your upcoming sale. 


Decluttering involves removing the unnecessary from plain sight and organizing open spaces so potential buyers can visualize their furnishings in the home. If you have rugs hiding your floors, picture frames or art all over the walls, kitchen items covering every inch of the counter space, etc., buyers will not be able to view what they are purchasing. They want to see how attractive the flooring is or how open the rooms feel. Too much distraction and they may not even notice the home. Also, other personal items like taxidermy, religious artifacts, controversial signs and flags, etc. may cause some shopping buyers to feel isolated and thus, not connect with the home. Remember, your goal is to sell your home to anyone who offers sale terms that meet your sale goals.   

1. Remove extra books from bookshelves.

2. Clear off desks and counter tops.

3. Keep bathroom accessories (handtowels and soap dishes) to a minimum. Keep shampoo bottles, razors, etc. stowed away.

4. Remove extra family photos and overwhelming artwork or controversial pieces.

5. Clear off refrigerator magnets and excessive children's artwork. 

6. Store laundry baskets, pet beds and toys, and other items on the floor that aren't considered essential furnishings.

7. Declutter and organize the garage.


Give your house a good spring cleaning, and keep it clean until the closing. 

1. Dust fans, vents, blinds, baseboards, crown molding, and all furnishings. 

2. Polish wooden furniture, granite, and wood floors.

3. Wash bed linens, blankets, handtowels, and placemats.

4. Steam clean carpets.

5. If wall paint is dingy, try adding a coat to freshen the look. If wall paint is very trendy and may not be appreciated by some buyers, try repainting a neutral color.  

6. Clean toilets and tubs thoroughly. Clean behind toilets and in corners of moldings in bathrooms.

7. Keep grass cut and garden weeded. Add a few garden decorations or a garden flag. 


Because you are planning to move, renting a storage unit fits right in with your plans. Do not simply buy a POD and have it placed on your front lawn. Try to find a nearby storage facility with climate control, and start removing extra items and furnishings from your home. If it's clutter, remove it. If it's attic items, remove them. Extra toys, clothes, and decorations--remove them all. Remove any items that aren't serving the purpose of being used daily or making your home more attractive to a buyer. 

1. Showcase rooms with their intended use in mind. If it's a dining room, stage it as such. If it's a spare bedroom, stage it as an office or spare bedroom or play room....not all three. Anything that does not support the room's intended purpose should be brought to storage.

2. Position furniture to draw the eye inward and upward. Showcase a bed under a main window or between two windows on the same wall. Create a focal point in the room and position furniture facing that point and artwork adorning that point.

3. To make a room look bigger, place the furniture against the walls allowing for the most floor space between items; to make a room look smaller, position furniture in several communal spaces with lamps and rugs to designate areas. 

4. Open curtains and replace room darkening drapes with transparent sheers, unless the exterior view isn't attractive. Light helps buyers to see the space better and also makes spaces feel bigger.

5. Decide which lighting best showcases the home at night, and plan to turn off all other lighting that doesn't add to the staging affect. Set the staging ambience each time that you vacate for a showing. 

6. Keep carpets and rugs vacuumed, beds made with throw pillows in place, and blankets draped with purpose to add a finished feel to the spaces.

7. Put toilet seats down and keep shower curtains closed. Set dining tables with modest setting pieces. 

8. When you vacate for showings, always take pets with you. Buyers will open doors and explore any home they are considering purchasing, and you won't be present to monitor your furry friend's interactions with the visitors.  

If your are planning to sell your home, prep it in a way that gains attention, and don't take for granted any showings. Every time your home is shown, there is a possibility of gaining a buyer.

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