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What should your Realtor ® be doing for you?

Dated: 09/24/2018

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Home buyers and sellers may often wonder what the role of their realtor is. 

Some realtors show up just to sign the legal documents then, they disappear. Some take you to a thousand homes but fall off the map when it's time to navigate the details, so you remain in the dark not really knowing what's going on. And still others offer only their initial presence to later be replaced by their assitant. 

Unfortunately, this leaves buyers and sellers confused about the details of the process. Then, when a problem arises, they never saw it coming cause they weren't well informed of the potential for hiccups along the way. 

So what should you expect as reputable service in the real estate industry???

1. Your realtor should be a friendly, diplomatic professional who will inform you of the details of the process.

2. Your realtor will act as a liason between you and other professionals involved in the deal. You make the decisions, but they manage your appointments and contacts.

3. Your realtor should offer honesty regarding your listing, contract, sale, and/or purchase. 

4. Your realtor will be a guide to inform you how to profitably navigate the purchase contract and property inspection negotiations. 

5. Your realtor should keep the lines of communication open so you aren't left alone and full of questions.

However, your realtor is NOT a lender who can promise prequalification or a lawyer who can interpret legal documents. Though your realtor may work closely with these professionals for your benefit.

If you have any questions about the role of your realtor, never hesitate to ask your trusted professional. 

Amy Aucoin-Byrd


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